Connected to Namibia. The Netherlands connected to Namibia. This is what we believe in.

Vision and mission

The vision of Connected to Namibia is to help those in need and give them a better future.

The mission of the foundation is to collected money for projects in Namibia. but equally important is the realisation that we have a more privileged position in comparison with the San and the Himba population.

Their life is in many respects is in sharp contrast to our own. Going to school in the Netherlands is taken for granted, we have access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation. Unfortunately reality in Namibia is different and we try  with Connected to Namibia foundation to develop projects which allow the under-privilege, education, clean drinking water and good sanitation for schools.

We attach great importance to the regional and national cooperation in Namibia. We try also to enter partnerships  with other NGOS and Namibian service clubs.


Our goal is divided into three basic principles:

  • Creating opportunities for a better development for disadvantaged children and young adults in Namibia. Education being the first priority.
  • Acquiring funds for setting up projects , for example, schools, safe overnight accommodations for school children and access to clean drinking water.
  • Providing information to Netherland and Namibian organisations that have the potential to obtain goods, services or funds.

Connected to Namibia Foundation – Nuenen, officially started on 11th June 2007

Connected: We want to be a link between the Netherlands and Namibia and vice versa.